Grounds of Grace Tabernacle

Quotes and Sayings from brother Kingsley

I want you to put on your shoes, your helmet and tighten your belt and keep on moving. Keep your faith on the promise! Pay no attention to critics. Do not lend your ears to criticisms but keep on moving"

New Year Word T20150101m

You don’t have contract with God but have covenant with God"

The Counsel of the Prophet S20150111m

If you resign from a position then you are avoiding responsibilities"

The Counsel of the Prophet S20150111m

If you love God, we will see from your actions"

The Counsel of the Prophet S20150111m

Men always want to know WHY before obeying the Word of God"
Disobedience of the word thereof is a fall"
Whoever is coming from Calvary knows what God has done for him"
If YOU are a child of God. You will do what HE asks you to DO"
God will never SHOUT at YOU, He still speaks as “STILL SMALL VOICE”
If YOU are a Child of God, YOU will go empty but come back with blessings”
We are being guarded by unseen FORCES NOT macho MEN”
If YOU can push away the CLOUD of doubt, YOU will SEE the GLORY of God"
Our birthright is not for SALE, your birthright is not for SALE"
Let the spirit lead you & YOU shall SURVIVE”
You can’t polish wrong to be right, wrong is wrong & right is right”
Your DESTINATION influences your LIFESTYLE here”
Are YOU sure, YOU at where God positioned YOU? Righteous, love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness & faithfulness”
The image of God has His character"
If it is not your nature, you can turn around. You are just what YOU are"
You have to seek the face of God to His glory"
YOU act according to the anointing THAT is upon YOU. And so whatever you’re doing, is your anointing"
Your noise making, must have a meaning"
MARRIAGE is a club of responsibilities, NOT Fashion & lets go to BED"
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