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Prayer Room

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."

Our Lord Jesus Christ

And it’s through prayer that I live today. I live by the grace of God through prayer.

William M. Branham 61-1015M

“Pray without ceasing.” (I THESSALONIANS 5:17). But what is prayer all about? Is the purpose of prayer to bring God down to men, so that we may relay information and requests? No, of course not. Being God, He already knows all things!

The purpose of prayer is to take men up to God, so that we may loose sight of earthly things and have fellowship with Him in Heavenly Places. “You sway out into somewhere else, way beyond, and on, and on, and on, until you come into His Presence.” THOU KNOWEST ALL THINGS 52-0716.

When we approach Him in prayer, He hears more than the words that we speak . He hears our intentions, and the motive of our hearts as well. David, who certainly knew how to reach the Heart of God in prayer, prayed “Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.”(PSALMS 19:14)

These are the thoughts(Quotes) on prayer from the prophet and other Messengers on the importance of prayer in our daily life!

Pray like you’ve never prayed before. Pray like you were dying, like it’s your last minute."

William Branham 63-0605

Devils tremble when the weakest of saints go to their knees. What a power and a privilege has been given to the Church of the living God"

William Branham 55-0116E

Read the Bible every day. Pray every day. Don’t make any decisions too harshly or too quickly, without first considering God about it."

William Branham 54-0723

The way the Christian ought to do today, is to keep yourself prayed up, under a spiritual atmosphere, never seeing the bad side, looking to the good side. You are children of God, expecting His blessings. "

William Branham 60-0328

You that have been truly baptized into the Holy Spirit, and you have the Token to display, you have a right to every redemptive blessing that God promised. Everything that He promised is yours. Hold your Token over your unwavering faith as you pray, and over his Word."

William Branham 64-0208

And I always go to a little place up there on top of the mountain, and I have a little prayer up there and offer God my thanksgiving for a good wife. My wife has been a darling to me."

William Branham 64-0120

Keep your promise to God. Whatever you say to God, you believe it. Separate yourself from anything contrary to His Word. God will hear and answer prayer."

William Branham 640121

You that have been truly baptized into the Holy Spirit, and you have the Token to display, you have a right to every redemptive blessing that God promised. Everything that He promised is yours. Hold your Token over your unwavering faith as you pray, and over his Word."

William Branham 64-0208

When you go to praying for somebody, something goes to taking place. There is where we fail, friends, not praying. Prayer is the keynote"

William Branham 64-0620

Sweeten your temper with prayer"

William Branham 64-0830E

No food should be received without it be received with thanksgiving, for it’s sanctified by the Word of God and prayer. See? If you eat it, say, “Lord Jesus, You prepared the food for me. Now, with faith I sanctify this food to the strength of our bodies.”

William Branham 64-0830E

And David said, “If I hide iniquity in my heart, God will not even hear my prayer.”

William Branham 64-1212

God will answer every sincere prayer (I believe it.) In His own way.

William Branham 50-0115

Lay aside everything. Just get as close to God as you can. Walk with Him, talk with Him. Let everything else be secondary but your prayer life. Stay right with Him all the time.

William Branham 50-1814

There’s nothing as great as prayer. God holds all the future in His Hands.

William Branham 50-0816

I seen the time when people come to the platform with hanging cancers, hanging on their bodies. And while prayer was being made, their cancer white, dropping off, and rolling down across the floor while I was praying for them."

William Branham 50-0816

And Cornelius, a righteous man, good man, was in prayer. And an Angel came to him and said, “Send down to Simon the tanner, and ask for one Peter who will come, tell you all things.”

William Branham 50-0818

I’ve never desired to be rich, I’ve…I—I believe Solomon, I believe, had the most level Prayer to God that I ever heard. He prayed that God wouldn’t make him so rich that he would forget God, and yet, not to make him so poor that he would have to steal.

William Branham 51-0506

It’s prayer that I depend on. That’s the secret of all the mysteries of God. That’s the key that opens the door to everything of God, is prayer."

William Branham 51-0720

If God would hear Jonah’s prayer, and Jonah praying like that; and God respected his prayer to an earthly temple, where an earthy man dedicated it, and a prayer of an earthy man.

William Branham 51-1003

That makes me think of the Supreme Court’s ruling on prayer and Bible reading in the schools. Who is behind it? Satan is. It is just another angry outburst against God.

William Branham Church Age Book

Columba planted seed with one hand while he held the other aloft in prayer. Today the island is one of the most fertile in the world.

William Branham Church Age Book

Daniel prayed, but the Angel said, “That he had trouble there and couldn’t get him for twenty-one days after he’d made the prayer.” So don’t be in a hurry; just believe; have faith.

William Branham 51-0720

Does God answer prayer? Yes. Does He answer real quick? Not all the time, does He? No, sometimes He makes us wait, is that right? But God answers prayer.

William Branham 56-0513/h4>

I don’t sleep very much at night, always in prayer. Nighttime, when all demon powers shut down towards morning.   When they’re not roaming, that’s the time the Holy Spirit moves in and talks to me. Go early if you want to pray; rise up early."

William Branham 50-0821

I’d rather have a church that had such a burden on their heart for prayer that they just stayed at this altar and would be here day and night, and everything else; and in their house, was constantly in prayer.

William Branham 54-0103M

Get alone. You’ll pray a different prayer when you’re by yourself than you do when you’re in the public. Slip alone, all of you; go out and just have a real secret meeting place where you and The Lord meet several times a day and pray.

William Branham 55-0501

Prayer changes things. Prayer changes death to life. Prayer changes sickness to health, changes sinners to saints. It’s prayer.

William Branham 56-0427

And that’s what prayer does for the believer. That’s what you, keeps the world out of you.

William Branham 56-0513

You know there’s something about getting alone to yourself. Many people never pray until they come to church. Many people thinks that the only place to pray is at church, but The bible said for men to pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands.

William Branham 57-0301/h4>

All the church has to pray, and all the laity has to pray, the deacons and the trustees and the pastor; then altogether we come into the Presence of God like that, as one great unit.

William Branham 61-0215

Read at least one chapter in The Bible every day and pray. See? Always do that.

William Branham 52-0713E

God can move on a man when his wife will pray for him, or vice versa.

William Branham 58-0517

You could beat her till she didn’t have any clothes on her; she’d do it anyhow. But you just lay before God and claim that child’s soul for God. Just stay right there with it. I believe it’s the best thing that I know of. Yes sir. That’s the best remedy I know of, is prayer"

William Branham 59-1223

And it’s through prayer that I live today. I live by the grace of God through prayer.

William Branham 61-1015M

And it’s through prayer that I live today. I live by the grace of God through prayer.

William Branham 61-1015M

Prayer is not exactly bringing God down to man. It’s bringing man up to God. See? As you pray, you lose-- you lose sight of these earthly things. You sway out into somewhere else, way beyond, and on and on and on, till you be come into His Presence.

William Branham 52-0716

Prayer from a saint will go a million times higher than an Angel (Yes sir.) because he’s a son.

William Branham 59-1223

But a real believer that’s really spiritually built up, he reads his Bible every day and talks to The Lord. That’s right. He has to.

William Branham 62-0204

I tell you, dear friend: the best way to find the Will of God in some important matters, is prayer. See?

William Branham 61-1015M

We find one place there, where The Son of God spent so much time in prayer. And if Jesus had to spend much time in prayer to stay in fellowship with The Spirit that was in Him, how much more do you and I have to spend in prayer?

William Branham 55-0227E

Get away from this old lukewarm, halfway, say a little prayer of a morning, little prayer at night, and go to bed and get up the next morning. No wonder we’re getting worldly.

William Branham 56-1002

There’s going to be a great pressure come one of these days, till you’re going to have to pray.

William Branham 56-0406

You like to pray through and get in the Spirit? That’s the only way you can do it. Shut yourself off from the rest of the world and get alone with God.

William Branham 56-0212

I believe that’s why you can’t pray and feel in the Spirit like you used to. It’s because the revival fires has gone out.

William Branham 64-0830E

There seems to be something to the prayer that takes all the hypocrisy out of it. It seems like that we get in a better connection with God, to get alone. You know there’s something about getting alone to yourself.

William Branham 57-0301

Christ gave us the authority with His Name by being Christians, the most powerful weapon the world has ever known: Prayer.

William Branham 52-0224

The Christian doesn’t realize what a force he has when he kneels on his knees before Almighty God in The Name of Jesus Christ. He doesn’t realize what – what power that is.

William Branham 53-0216

You can’t hide a saint from his prayer. That’s the powerfulest weapon that man ever had.

William Branham 57-0610

There’s no atomic bomb, or no hydrogen bomb as powerful as prayer.

William Branham 61-0207

Fast and pray to get away from it. More I fast, the uglier sin gets. See? Just makes it worse, till honest, you can’t even go out.

William Branham 62-0118

Apply the Token in prayer with consideration, with believing. Apply it with such love. You create a spirit around you of power, that when you say something to them. They believe your word; what you say.

William Branham 63-0901M

Don’t pray for yourself; pray for somebody else. God hears prayer. He knows what you’re praying about.

William Branham 59-1129

A man nowadays, getting married… You young fellows, you better pray a long time. Ask God to give you a companion. You young women, the same way, ‘cause it is so uncertain."

William Branham 61-0315

A man should think and pray before he chooses a wife."

William Branham 65-0429

Don’t just wait till you go to church, or some convenient hour; just keep Him on your mind all the time.

William Branham 59-1126

That’s the greatest time of anybody’s life, is just to set down and meditate, take everything off your mind. If you would do that, there wouldn’t be so much nervousness around the country.

William Branham 60-0330

I can’t be a servant of Christ and a servant of man at the same time. So I have to keep myself away in prayer, and meditation, in order to be my best at the pulpit.

William Branham 58-0625

That’s why the preacher preaches. That’s why he studies and meditates in the Scripture and seeks for inspiration, is because he is a public servant to God’s people.

William Branham 60-0925

I just wish you could just get together and pray, and…you… you could have the best church in the world right here, the best union of people.

William Branham 47-1207

You know, the best armor that America has in this present crisis is God fearing, praying people. That’s the best. It’s worth more than all the bombs and tanks that we could produce.

William Branham 50-0816

There it is; Abraham was tried AFTER he received The Word of Promise. Most think that as soon as we pray in Jesus’ Name over the good promises of God that there could not be a trial. But here it says that Abraham was tried after he received the promise.

William Branham Church Age Book/h4>

While I was in prayer, I raised up to look up towards the east from here, and there was a vision. And standing just above me, many of you knows the vision, was The Lord Jesus.

William Branham 65-0218

God heals by music. God heals by love. See? God heals by medicine. God heals by prayer. God has many ways of healing. Depends on what type that you need."

William Branham 63-0428

Lord Jesus, is my prayer, let me look away from the cares of life. Lord, I know we are just a common people, uneducated. We have not much of this world's goods, but we love You, Lord"

William Branham 63-1229E

Prayer is a strong wall and fortress of the church; it is a goodly Christian weapon."

Martin Luther

Pray, and let God worry."

Martin Luther

With all prayer (Eph. 6:18)" All sorts of prayer- public, private, mental, vocal. Do not be diligent in one kind of prayer and negligent in others... let us use all.”

John Wesley

Grant that I may not pray alone with the mouth; help me that I may pray from the depths of my heart."

Martin Luther

I continue to dream and pray about a revival of holiness in our day that moves forth in mission and creates authentic community in which each person can be unleashed through the empowerment of the Spirit to fulfill God's creational intentions."

John Wesley

To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing."

Martin Luther

Thanksgiving is inseparable from true prayer; it is almost essentially connected with it. One who always prays is ever giving praise, whether in ease or pain, both for prosperity and for the greatest adversity. He blesses God for all things, looks on them as coming from Him, and receives them for His sake- not choosing nor refusing, liking or disliking,anything, but only as it is agreeable or disagreeable to His perfect will.”

John Wesley

To gather with God's people in united adoration of the Father is as necessary to the Christian life as prayer."

Martin Luther

Night and day praying exceedingly that we might see your face, and might perfect that which is lacking in your faith?”

Apostle Paul 1 Thessalonians 3:10

Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer.”

Apostle Paul Romans 12:12

And by their prayer for you, which long after you for the exceeding grace of God in you.”

Apostle Paul 2 Corinthians 9:14

Now I pray to God that ye do no evil; not that we should appear approved, but that ye should do that which is honest, though we be as reprobates.”

Apostle Paul 2 Corinthians 13:7

Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers.”

Apostle Paul Ephesians 1:16

For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Apostle Paul Ephesians 3:14

Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy.”

Apostle Paul Philippians 1:4

Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”

Apostle Paul Philippians 4:6

Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving.”

Apostle Paul Colossians 4:2

We give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers.”

Apostle Paul 1 Thessalonians 1:2

And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and [I pray God] your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Apostle Paul 1 Thessalonians 5:23

Wherefore also we pray always for you, that our God would count you worthy of [this] calling, and fulfil all the good pleasure of [his] goodness, and the work of faith with power.”

Apostle Paul 2 Thessalonians 1:11

I thank my God, making mention of thee always in my prayers.”

Apostle Paul Philemon 1:4

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ [be] with your spirit. Amen.”

Apostle Paul Philemon 1:25

man should pray earnestly, for he could ruin his entire life. Remember the vow is “Until death do we part” If the woman takes a husband and knows that he’s not fit to be a husband to you, then that’s your own fault after you know what’s right and wrong. So you shouldn’t do it until you thoroughly pray through."

William Branham 65-0429E

Any woman that going to marry a man, and she’s not certain of that man, she’d better leave him alone. And any man that’s going to marry a woman and not certain, you’d better leave her alone. You’d better pray through on it, until God gives you the answer."

William Branham 63-0114

If ever I had a time of success of praying for anyone, is when I could enter into the fellowship with them, feel their infirmities, feel their conditions."

William Branham 57-0806/h4>

How a minister ought to always get alone to himself, even before he preaches, before he prays. Before he does anything he should get alone with God in that quiet place, hid away with God."

William Branham 55-1006

Many times I’ve went into little old homes, and see them mothers and so forth come out of the bedroom with a little old checkered apron on, wiping her eyes, crying; praying, secret place, meeting place, alone with God, isolated. Oh, it’s a marvelous place to be."

William Branham 55-1110

Go to the secret closet and close the door, when the kids gets at school. There get down on your knees. You’ve heard all kinds of voices everywhere, but just get down and stay there until those voices are silenced and you begin to lift up. It’ll change you."

William Branham 58-1005M

Do your praying in secret. Stay out in the place, and go into your rooms, hide out somewhere, and just kneel down, and just stay before God and stay there."

William Branham 63-1226

The main thing now, your prayer is to be in secret, your main, long prayer. Pray all…enter into a secret closet, close the door. There’s where you want to pray all day, all night, or two hours, pray there."

William Branham 63-1226

Get yourself quiet before Him. Don’t let the washing hinder. Don’t let the work hinder. Don’t let nothing hinder. Don’t let nobody know what you’re doing. Just go before Him. Get up in the woods somewhere. Get out on the side of the road. Go into the secret closet and close the door, when the kids get at school. There get down on your knees.

William Branham 58-1005M

Don’t you pray for yourself; you get somebody else on your mind and pray for them."

William Branham 57-0518

The greatest time of anybody’s life, is just to set down and meditate, take everything off your mind. If you would do that, there wouldn’t be so much nervousness around the country, if we would just think on God. “Draw nigh unto Me, and I’ll draw nigh unto you.”

William Branham 60-0311

Sacrifice your time for prayer. Sacrifice your life.

William Branham 61-0207

We always try to make it a habit of praying of a night before we go to bed. I have that since I was first converted. I get up of a morning, and it’s too dark and too misty for me to walk;

William Branham 61-0101

Any time the devil wants to gobble you up, he’s got you under his control. When he cuts your prayer life, brother, you’re gone. That’s right.

William Branham 57-0630

They ought to had a prayer meeting. That’s the best thing I know to quieten your nerves."

William Branham 56-0728

You consecerate it to God, every one of you with a holy life before God, watch what will take place. When that church binds itself and starts praying

William Branham 62-0117

When you pray for someone real sincerely, you know, it kinda makes them restless. God begins to move in answer to prayer. Sometimes a husband becomes more irritable than ever, but just remember, God’s answering prayer. He knows how to do it."

William Branham 58-0517

He don’t only make prayer, but He answers prayer. He…See, He is The One Who answers His own prayer."

William Branham 54-1114

And just because everything’s going wrong, that’s no sign we should quit praying. We just pray on anyhow.

William Branham 56-0513

Do you realize if we go before God in The Name of Jesus, it’s just the same as Jesus Himself praying? It isn’t me praying anymore. And then I go to The Father in Jesus’ Name, it isn’t me praying anymore; It’s Jesus. It’s His Spirit praying through me.

William Branham 01-13-55

If we lose faith, then we will never get a prayer answered by God. For He that cometh to God must first believe that He is, and a rewarder of those that diligently seek after Him. So if we lose faith, our prayers are annulled; we get nowhere.

William Branham 58-0720M

And may we not cease praying until we see our prayers answered."

William Branham 61-0207

But if I regard iniquity in my heart, then God will not hear my prayer,” said David What is iniquity? Iniquity is something that you know that you’re doing that you ought not to do and still won’t repent of it.”

William Branham 62-0721

Praying for your children, and that’s the reason your children has the..the manners, and the..the real and gentleman in this wild age that we’re living in.

William Branham 61-0808

Pray every day. Don’t make any decisions to harshly or too quickly, without first considering God about it. Ask Him, “Shall I do this, Father?” Ask Him, “Is it Your Will for me to do this?”

William Branham 62-54-0723

The people won’t read; they don’t care to read. And they won’t pray, because they’re too… got other things to do. They can’t take time to pray. And The Bible is boresome to them."

William Branham 61-1112

Did you ever get down and pray until it come to a place that you felt like you was walking on clouds? That’s when you’re getting light."

William Branham 56-0723

Did you ever get down and pray until it come to a place that you felt like you was walking on clouds? That’s when you’re getting light."

William Branham 56-0723

But from the time we pray until the time we get the answer we must learn to receive patience into our souls for only in patience do we possess life.

William Branham Church Age Book

They don’t dig down deep enough to get into The Spirit of Revelation. They don’t pray enough; they don’t call upon God enough.

William Branham 63-070M

If we fail to pray through daily, all the time, keep under The Blood, you’ll wither up and die in your Christian experience.

William Branham 50-0716

When you see these crowds gathering, that doesn’t mean revival; that’s just a gathering. But a revival is when people get really right with God, and pray through.

William Branham 51-0718

When a little confusion comes in the church, you don’t run over to one side and pout now. If you are, you sure ain’t a priest. You pray through: spiritual sacrifice, the fruits of our lips giving Praise to His Name.

William Branham 54-0512

Shut yourself off from the rest of the world and get alone with God. And the reason that you like to do that, because when the first couple came on earth, Adam and Eve, that’s what they did.

William Branham 56-0212

You know when you pray through, you get an answer, you really get a lot of faith then.

William Branham 56-0513/h4>

Can you bear for someone to talk about you, and you love them so much, till in your heart you pray for them? For truly, we’re in the battle and we need each other more than we ever did in all times.

William Branham 62-06229

Don’t never speak evil against one another, if somebody makes a mistake, pray for him, right quick.

William Branham 63-0901M

And if you want to get somewhere with God, never let an arrogant spirit ever come around you. God loved you when you were in sin. And if The Spirit of God’s in you, you love the other person when he’s in wrong. See? Just pray for them and love one another.

William Branham 63-0714E

Pray to God for a revelation by His Spirit. That is the first step.

William Branham Church Age Book

You know, the way to find God is to meditate upon God, think of God.

William Branham 57-0127E

God heals by medicine. God heals by love. God heals by understanding. God heals by care. God heals by prayer. God heals by miracles. The whole thing, God heals. That’s all, all there is to it, He is The Healer.

William Branham 63-0627

We want to constantly be in prayer. And above all things, watch your life: if your life don’t tally up with God’s holiness, then go back and start praying.

William Branham 63-0707E

Samson prayed the right kind of a prayer, “Lord let me die with this enemy.” Oh, my!

William Branham 63-084

Get back into the program of God and find out, after all, what God wants us to do. And the only way I know to do it is prayer. Prayer is the key.

William Branham 61-0207

You know, sometimes when we are praying for others, we are the one that gets the help many times, when you’re praying for others."

William Branham 61-0125

God bless YOU for visiting us( and thank you for going the “extra mile” to read and print our about us. Shalom! and Stay blessed in Him. Amen