Grounds of Grace Tabernacle

Branham Quote to the Bride of Christ

† We want you to be pretty, but we want you to be natural. We don't want you to be superficial. Some of these pretty women, if you'd dunk them in a washtub a while and wash them up, they might look a little different, and--and dress them like they should be dressed. But they--they--they don't do it, and you can't tell them no different. And we're going to get to that after a while. But this is the--the red light flash.

63-0623e The Flashing Red Light Of The Sign Of His Coming

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  • Special Prayer Meeting

    “Pray like you’ve never prayed before. Pray like you were dying, like it’s your last minute” Prayer Events. Fortnightly -This and every other Friday.
  • Evangelism

    Out-Reach Evangelism in Towns and Villages around Kasoa.